The FUNKE consumer magazine IMTEST has published the most comprehensive broadband and fixed network test carried out to date in Switzerland

The IMTEST consumer magazine has published the major test for Switzerland.

The testers collaborated with the technical service provider zafaco, which measures the performance of broadband providers according to the most stringent scientific standards.

In Switzerland, providers of 10-gigabit connections were compared, and also providers of sub-10-gigabit connections were compared. One of the companies surveyed supplies only the high-performance connections and this would distort the figures if an average rating of all connections was determined. In this fair comparison, the Swisscom company emerged as the winner in both categories.

“Telephony connections, data transmission, web surfing and streaming – the possibilities of the Internet are greater than ever before. Therefore, it is becoming ever more complex and difficult to carry out quality measurements of the connections and transmissions, but IMTEST has collaborated with zafaco to rise to the challenge, and we are proud to present the most comprehensive broadband and fixed network test to be carried out in recent years”, says Axel Telzerow, Editor-in-Chief of IMTEST. “And the good news: The major providers are making good progress. The quality of the networks in Germany and also in Austria and Switzerland is consistently at a level between ‘very solid’ and ‘impressive’. If the distribution of fibre optic can now gain greater momentum, digitisation can really begin to take off”.

IMTEST is published by the FUNKE media group in Essen and is included free of charge as a print supplement with the group’s twelve regional newspapers in Berlin, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Thuringia. The magazine is available online in the United Kiosk. You can find detailed results of the survey at


IMTEST is Germany’s largest consumer magazine under the FUNKE umbrella. The editorial team offers readers guidance when choosing day-to-day products and services. IMTEST is published monthly, alternately as a print supplement in all FUNKE daily titles and as an e-paper, and it is also available digitally on the FUNKE portals. The IMTEST team also joins forces with the editors of other titles to provide individual and comparative tests tailored to specific target groups. Five times a year, IMTEST is also published as a newsstand magazine. 


Service provider zafaco GmbH, with headquarters in Ismaning, Germany, specialises in recording, checking, safeguarding and optimising quality aspects in convergent networks and Internet-based applications. The company conducts independent comparative measurements and quality evaluations using its own measurement technology infrastructure. zafaco GmbH is a technology and market leader for broadband network tests and partner to regulatory authorities, telecommunications providers and industry customers.