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About zafaco

Elephants are intelligent animals that pay a lot of attention to their surroundings and have highly developed sense organs. At zafaco, as a customer, you are at the centre of attention.

Mission statement

We create clarity, values and partnerships.

We create clarity

zafaco GmbH is a service provider based in Ismaning, Germany that specialises in recording, checking, safeguarding and optimising quality aspects in convergent networks and web-based applications.

The company conducts objective, expert, neutral and independent comparative measurements and quality evaluations using recognised methods and its own measurement technology infrastructure.

To provide the market and the consumer with a complete picture of the providers’ services, we create clarity and better market transparency with our products and services.

zafaco GmbH is a technology and market leader for broadband network tests and partner to regulatory authorities, telecommunications providers and industry customers.

We create values

The results provided by zafaco enable its customers to improve their products and services sustainably and on a long-term basis.
This enhances customer satisfaction which in turn leads to a sustainable increase in corporate value.

We create partnerships

We are convinced that good ideas can turn into even better ones when you work together. That is why we value the excellent partnerships that we have with our customers and system partners.


zafaco GmbH sees itself as a comprehensive, independent and neutral service provider in the areas of benchmarking, crowdsourcing and business intelligence with its own measurement technology infrastructure and nearly 180 million test connections per year. This independence and neutrality provides the foundation for the business model of zafaco GmbH.

The results provided by zafaco for its customers’ own use enables them to sustainably improve their products and services on a long-term basis. This enhances customer satisfaction which in turn leads to a sustainable increase in corporate value.

Take advantage of our experience

The innovative company was founded on 1st October 2007 as a sole proprietorship and is based in Ismaning, with offices also in Eningen and Cologne. It changed its legal structure to a public limited company – zafaco GmbH – on 10th July 2008.

Both managing directors Christoph Sudhues and Oliver Schöttler of zafaco have long-standing experience of sitting on national and international committees which, among other things, have produced DIN 66274 ETSI TS 102 250 (QoS aspects for popular services in mobile networks), ETSI TS 103 222 (Reference benchmarking and background traffic profiles and Key Performance Indicators for VoIP, VoLTE, high-speed Internet and IPTV) and ETSI EG 202 057-4 (User-related QoS parameter definitions and measurements; Part 4: Internet access).

The kyago platform was regularly awarded prizes by a neutral and independent specialist jury. Moreover, zafaco was also able to win a special prize for the most innovative company in the Voice and IP sector.


zafaco GmbH is a technology and market leader in broadband and fixed network tests. As part of an on-going benchmark, it offers customers a platform for checking the measurable quality of service parameters and thus for securing and optimising quality aspects in convergent networks.

Market leader technology

Developed by zafaco GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur), the broadband measurement tool has been in operation since 2015 to test and assess the performance of stationary and mobile Internet access services.

In July 2018, BEREC (Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications) awarded a contract to develop, implement and validate the Net Neutrality (NN) Reference Measurement System. to a bidding consortium comprising of alladin-IT GmbH, Vienna Austria, and zafaco GmbH, Ismaning Germany.

In addition to implementing the measurement system, comprehensive support for system architecture, software, maintenance, as well as consulting was also agreed on.

The system facilitates monitoring Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) of Internet Access Services (IAS) as well as aspects of traffic management, and serves as a reference for regulating authorities. The award of this contract is a further milestone in the drive to harmonise and standardise broadband tests across Europe.


All our staff from zafaco are highly qualified through their university-education and training, and have long-standing experience in information and communication technology (ICT).

Highly qualified team with long experience

The zafaco team is staffed with the following roles:

  • Telecommunication market experts
  • Experts for conception and development of system solutions and implementation and operation
  • Quality and project manager (Prince2 certified)
  • Expert Reporting and DWH
  • Expert Technology and Networks
  • Expert Statistics

Project and R&D collaborators are supported by an established pool of freelancers and service providers who contribute their knowledge, skills and dedication, depending on requirements.

Quality Management

Highest quality standards for our products and services

For almost a year, zafaco have been addressing the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2015 certifications and, in particular, honing our processes. In June 2022, zafaco passed the audit and TÜV Süd certified the zafaco GmbH quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

All processes evaluated and awarded

In this audit, all our processes – from service provision and development through to internal service processes – were assessed on the basis of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 requirements and certified.

Successful certification highlights that zafaco GmbH can also meet its customers’ expectations of high quality in its internal procedures. zafaco GmbH stands for quality, reliability and high customer satisfaction.

This provides zafaco with regular and valuable feedback on its processes, which helps zafaco actively improve our cooperation with customers and partners.

Logo ISO 9001

What is the purpose of ISO-9001 certification?

The aim of quality management is to continuously improve work processes and governance. Nationally and internationally, DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 is the most widespread and important standard in quality management (QM). It serves as the basis for ongoing improvement in the company, but primarily helps the company meet customer requirements and customer expectations.

The DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate is affirmation of continuously optimised processes and the use of reliable control mechanisms, as well as the transparent documentation of all processes. The certificate is valid for three years and is reviewed through regular audits.

The certificate is a clear signal to all customers that we will maintain a high standard of quality, and therefore our customers can continue to count on reliable products, services and best-possible support.

Research and Development Activities

Research and development activities are a key component of our strategy.

Research and development activities are a key component of zafaco's strategy. zafaco focus on its attention on a forward-looking adaptation and deployment of new technologies. This is marked by a strong commitment to innovative development and it contributes greatly to raising its profile and recognition in professional circles.

Cooperation with leading universities and research institutions

In the implementation of research and development projects, zafaco works closely with leading universities and research institutes.

The AV QoX for example, is based on the quality measurement system for IP streaming-based services developed by Datennetze research group from TH Köln/University of Applied Sciences in Germany based in Cologne and zafaco, and it has received assistance from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as part of the ZIM programme.

The development of  QoE PDN (Quality of Experience Plug Device for NGN) was facilitated by another ZIM cooperation project with the Technical University of Cologne. With this approach, quality benchmarks and error states relating to business NGN connections can be measured and monitored using passive, self-configuring sensors.

In May 2018 both of zafaco’s project partners and the research group data network at the Institute for Communications Technology at the Technical University of Cologne began their research project This focusses on a measuring system for automated quality measurement of IEEE 802.11 wireless networks (WLAN) using own measuring sensors and smartphone measuring apps based on crowdsourcing.


7 business lessons that we can learn from elephants

Elephants are skilled survivors
The largest land mammals on earth have always managed to change and adapt to new conditions. 

Just like elephants, you need to be adaptable and resistant. zafaco makes sure that you can continue to develop even during hard times. 

Number 1

Elephants keep their eye on the prize
Elephants walk long distances to look for water and food. They can be on the move for up to 16 hours a day, purposefully trekking up to 13 kilometres. 

Even if your future goals seem unreachable, with zafaco you’ll get there, step by step.


Elephants never forget
Even after years, elephants remember relatives or an arid region where they lost members of their herd. Their great learning skills allow them to find alternative sources of food on their long walks thus ensuring their survival.

Learn from your mistakes – zafaco provides solutions that can help you effectively.

Number three

Elephants stick together
They live in complex communities in which the size and make-up of social groups changes regularly. They have an efficient social network that works based on mutual support, protection and communication.

Like elephants you can also experience just how much having support makes life easier. zafaco will be happy to support you – we are ready to devote our full attention to you.

Number 4

Elephants are key part of the big picture
As a keystone species in their habitat, elephants play a central role in making sure the ecosystem works by maintaining its stability and biodiversity. 

Do not isolate yourself from your environment by only looking towards the next step. When it comes to complex projects, zafaco can help you see the big picture.

Number 5

Elephants are adaptable
Both Asian and African elephants live in different habitats – from the savannahs in Eastern and Southern Africa to the forests of Central Africa and South East Asia. As a species, they are able to adapt to new and unusual places. 

Be prepared to adapt to change. Master new challenges together with zafaco.

Number six

Elephants overcome their fears
Although they weigh almost 6,000 kg and are strong and resilient, pachyderms have a reputation for being scaredy-cats. A small obstacle can make them hesitate to cross a road. You too can overcome obstacles in your path.

zafaco will help you get them out of the way so you can achieve your goals. 

Number seven


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