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New alliance to measure mobile and broadband quality: FUNKE’s consumer magazine IMTEST launches partnership with network test specialist zafaco

The IMTEST editorial team is widening its scope to cover broadband, fixed networks, IPTV and mobile networks

FUNKE’s regional media readers are given test results tailored to their region

In future, will also publish tests and evaluations of broadband network tests from the entire DACH region.

The editors at FUNKE’s consumer journalism brand IMTEST will regularly publish extensive tests assessing broadband, fixed-network, IPTV and mobile service offers: For the evaluations, the team is working with zafaco GmbH from Ismaning, Germany, the technology and market leader in this test segment. In the future, FUNKE media readers will not only receive a general rating of network quality for the federal republic as a whole; thanks to the cooperation, the two partners will in the future also offer evaluations specifically for the individual regions in which the daily titles are published. Even test results for individual local regions will be possible.

“I am delighted about the new partnership with zafaco GmbH, the leading provider of broadband measurements. It will enable us to widen the scope of IMTEST and to include broadband, fixed networks, IPTV and mobile networks,” says Axel Telzerow, editor-in-chief of IMTEST and

FUNKE-One managing director Christian Siebert adds: “Conducting professional broadband and mobile tests with zafaco for both our regional brands and the national FUNKE brands enables us to pursue our strategy in content commerce and systematically develop the marketing of seals of trust.”

The first major mobile test will be published this year. Until then, numerous buyers’ guides on tariffs and devices for the home or on the go will be supplementing IMTEST’s editorial work in a field which is so important for Germany.

“Thanks to the new partnership with FUNKE, we will reach even more consumers and together will provide guidance for consumers looking to buy telecommunications products and services,” says Christoph Sudhues, founder and managing partner of zafaco GmbH. “We are delighted that our broadband and mobile tests are going to be published by the industry experts from the IMTEST editorial team, which will provide high value to readers.”

In addition to the tests for the entire federal republic, IMTEST will in future publish tests on all the companies operating in Switzerland and Austria in the broadband, fixed network, IPTV and mobile sector.


IMTEST is Germany’s largest consumer magazine under the FUNKE umbrella. The editorial team offers readers guidance when choosing day-to-day products and services. IMTEST is published monthly as a supplement in all FUNKE daily titles and is also digitally available on the FUNKE portals. The IMTEST team also joins forces with the editors of other titles to provide individual and comparative tests tailored to specific target groups. Five times a year, IMTEST is also published as a newsstand magazine.


Service provider zafaco GmbH, with headquarters in Ismaning, Germany, specialises in recording, checking, safeguarding and optimising quality aspects in convergent networks and Internet-based applications. The company conducts independent comparative measurements and quality evaluations using its own measurement technology infrastructure. zafaco GmbH is technology and market leader for broadband network tests and partner to regulatory authorities, telecommunications providers and industry customers.