Federal Network Agency pools the data for broadband expansion in the “Gigabit-Grundbuch”

President Müller: “The data portal for efficient expansion of digital infrastructures in Germany”

The Federal Network Agency has now published the Federal Government’s “Gigabit-Grundbuch” [gigabit register]. At www.gigabitgrundbuch.bund.de, this pools and links up all the information relevant for expanding the gigabit network in Germany. The aim is to make expansion planning in the fixed network and mobile sectors easier for companies and create transparency on the availability of broadband networks.

“For the Gigabit-Grundbuch, we are deploying our expertise in data collection and evaluation from the infrastructure atlas and mobile monitoring. In the future, we will publish a more comprehensive overview of the expansion of the broadband networks,” says Klaus Müller, President of the Federal Network Agency.

The structure of the Gigabit-Grundbuch permits faster planning and investment decisions in companies, greater transparency regarding areas suitable for expansion and the better leveraging of synergies during expansion.

In addition to existing information services, which are now pooled in the Gigabit-Grundbuch, there is a supplementary analysis platform, which is intended in particular for public-sector analysts responsible for planning and steering the gigabit expansion. At the moment, this new platform is available to federal and state decision-makers.

Content of the Gigabit-Grundbuch

The Gigabit-Grundbuch consists of six information services that serve different purposes for different target groups.

Services for all users:

  • Broadband atlas: The central information and transparency medium for current fixed network and mobile broadband coverage in Germany
  • Mobile monitoring: The transparency medium for displaying the mobile coverage provided by the mobile network providers
  • Broadband measurement map: View of results for the fixed network and mobile data transmission rates measured regionally by consumers
  • Dead zone map: Display of the actual mobile network coverage recorded by users of the dead zone app

Restricted-access services for those involved in broadband expansion:

  • Infrastructure atlas: The information and planning tool for displaying infrastructures for the planning of gigabit expansion projects
  • Analysis platform: The analysis tool for displaying broadband and expansion information for federal and state decision-makers


In future, the planning platform will be an additional module geared in particular towards companies undertaking expansion work in the telecommunications market. This platform will contain information about existing and planned infrastructures, and will thus enable the potential of joint usage or installation to be leveraged. The Federal Network Agency’s existing infrastructure atlas will form the basis for this. It will be supplemented by information about suitable public real estate for mobile expansion.

zafaco provides information services for the Gigabit-Grundbuch

zafaco GmbH is providing the mobile monitoring, broadband monitoring map and dead zone map of the Gigabit-Grundbuch information services on behalf of the Federal Network Agency.