connect broadband and fixed-network test 2022: Deutsche Glasfaser beats Deutsche Telekom

Who provides the strongest complete package of voice quality, internet access and web TV? For their large-scale 2022 broadband and landline network test, connect and zafaco tested the quality of the most important providers in Germany.

Deutsche Telekom was found to be the best national supplier, followed by 1&1 and O2/Telefónica.

Among the regional providers, Deutsche Glasfaser was awarded first place and also achieved the highest overall score. NetCologne and M-net came second and third in the ranking of regional providers. connect was able to award the “very good” test rating a total of seven times.

The connect test, now in its 13th year, revealed that despite the huge boom in home office and streaming, the networks are able to cope with the load. For Germany’s most comprehensive broadband and landline network test, the automated test systems operated by connect’s partner zafaco performed around 3.2 million telephony, data transmission, web services and web TV measurements in 49 cities in May and June.

You can find the complete test in connect issue 8/2022.