Business Intelligence

Achieving more together 

Elephant herds consist of small subgroups and these follow seemingly secret rules of organisation. The social fabric of these herds is organised in detail and shaped by constant contact through vocal signals, through smell and touch. We bring efficient order to your data. zafaco thinks itself into the world of your business and works out the best business intelligence solution together with you.

Business intelligence solutions

Important decisions require accurate information. Databases full to the brim, uncontrolled data supply, redundant, unusable information - and you’re expected to make a rapid decision?

zafaco offers globally leading business intelligence (BI) solutions, intelligent data management, data warehousing and data mining. We efficiently organise your data. zafaco thinks itself into the world of your business and works out the best business intelligence solution together with you. We identify relevant data for you, select information and put these into relation. This creates meaningful reports and analyses - qualified, reliable and secure. Solutions developed by us suit your individual requirements, your business model, your terminology and your structures. With planning information, forecasts, statistics, projections and trend analysis, we make it easy for you to take the right decision.

With their comprehensive range of functions, zafaco’s business intelligence solutions cover the following main areas: 

  • Data Services
    Extract, transform, and load data from applications, databases, or other data storage devices and prepare reliable and consistent information for all applications in your company on this powerful platform.
  • Retrieval, reporting and analysis 
    Draft convincing reports using data from virtually any data source, and make these securely available inside and outside of the company.
  • Extended analysis 
    Create ad-hoc reports and analyses online or offline that go beyond heterogeneous data sources.
  • Dashboards
    Use a drag and drop dashboard and visualisation tool to create dashboards with extremely interactive analyses.

Enterprise portal solutions

Enterprise portal solutions are becoming the central information and communication medium in internal and external communication. They enable immediate access to relevant information at any time and support targeted communication with customers and employees. Well-designed portal solutions contribute very quickly to improving the results of a company, improve the efficiency of internal and external communications and create added value by linking otherwise isolated system accesses.

zafaco has extensive experience in the successful implementation of enterprise portal projects. A critical success factor here is the degree of integration of the portal solution into the existing IT infrastructure.

Customer benefits

With zafaco’s business intelligence solutions, the performance of your team can be greatly enhanced, because each employee can independently access crucial information. Users are thus able to make decisions under entirely different conditions, as they have access to sound and qualified information - regardless of where this is stored.