Business Service Management

Communication is connection

Elephants live in a herd - so they need different ways of communicating with each other. About two-thirds of everything that elephants have to tell each other takes place in the infrasonic range. Their infrasound signals spread through air vibrations as well as vibration of the ground and can be detected as much as ten kilometres away – which also makes communication possible over long distances.

With the business service management solutions from zafaco, you align your ICT services to the current and future requirements of your company and clients, so that you too can easily communicate with each other over long distances and make optimum use of your processes.

Quality awareness is a decisive factor in the battle for market shares and customer satisfaction.

The main objectives of business service management is to align the ICT services to the current and future needs of the company and its customers to improve the quality and transparency of the services provided and to reduce the long-term costs of the services.

Through the definition and implementation of service level agreements (SLAs), key performance indicators (KPIs) and processes in the ICT service sector, the provision of services is standardised, quality is assured, and the efficiency of the ICT increased.

In the increasingly complex world of information and telecommunications technology, knowledge of the quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) is a critical factor in the battle for market share and customer satisfaction. The increasing expectations of end users as well as the introduction of new, convergent services and technologies are a challenge for all providers of ICT technologies.

Quality of experience

Make use of our experience in the QoS/QoE environment and our high level of professional and technical expertise. We are at your side with extensive know-how and efficient solutions:

  • Application performance management
  • IP multimedia subsystem (IMS)
  • Mobile multimedia networks
  • Next generation networks (NGN)
  • Next generation mobile networks (NGMN)
  • Triple play (VoIP, IPTV, high-speed Internet)

zafaco relies on technically sophisticated, scalable systems coupled with state-of-the-art technology which we integrate for your success into customised solutions with the highest level of quality and professionalism.

Service level management

ITC staff have to supply a growing number of increasingly demanding users with consistently high quality of service. The users expect to be able to access information in different ways. Access to the network is no longer only possible via a fixed, integrated computer. Smartphones, WLAN and distributed systems make the provision of data and content more and more difficult in accordance with the agreed SLA’s and expectations.

Find out more about our solutions for efficient and comprehensive service management:

  • Process consulting 
  • Technology consulting
  • Conception
  • Business service management solutions
  • Software development
  • System integration

The procedure of zafaco is modular in structure and enables flexible adaptation to the specific needs of the respective client.


SLA monitoring 

The service level agreement (SLA) is an agreement between a service provider and a service user on a defined and measurable quality of service to be provided. The outsourcing of internal services to an application service provider (ASP) does lead to a reduction in operating costs (lower total cost of ownership), but has the disadvantage that the agreed scope and quality of the services are usually not very transparent and thus difficult to verify.

Without exact specifications, measurement and presentation of the service provided, neither early detection of deviations and associated rapid recovery of the performance level nor the monitoring of compliance with the contractual requirements is possible. This can result in dissonance with respect to the services rendered and their payment.

Customer benefits

The aim of our SLA/SLM consultation is to define and monitor arrangements for the availability and measurability of the services: so-termed service level agreements. This enables the securing of the IT service purchased and the service provided to the customer.

zafaco defines and verifies SLAs which …

  • determine the performance and availability of the agreed service
    (e.g. system response times, guaranteed operating times).
  • describe the measurement of the service provided.
  • determine the actions required to achieve the desired service level
    (e.g. level of support, recovery times).
  • establish the price and the late fees.
  • determine the process for initiating system changes.

This results in direct benefits for our customers:

  • objectification of external services by providers possible
  • quality improvement of the service provided (because measurable)
  • Stability of the IT structure