WiFi Intelligent Analysis Measurement Tools

In May 2018, the two project partners zafaco GmbH and the Data Networks Research Group at the Institute of Communications Engineering at TH-Köln (University of Applied Sciences, Cologne) launched their new research project wiam.tools. The focus is on the development of a measurement system for the automated quality measurement of IEEE 802.11 wireless networks (WiFi) using own measurement sensors and crowdsourcing based smartphone measurement apps.

The project partners from industry and research combine their know-how in the areas of IP network technology, IP service benchmarking and data analysis. Together they form a powerful team of experts for successful cooperation.



Mobile Applications

The wiam.tools measurement system for mobile devices should work on usual mobile devices (smartphone, tablet and notebook) in order to be easy to install and thus have a low hurdle for mass application by private users according to the crowdsourcing approach.

For reasons of acceptance and security requirements, no "rooted" WiFi end systems may be assumed.