On-going benchmark

As part of an on-going benchmark, zafaco GmbH offers its customers a platform for reviewing the measurable detectable service quality and thus for ensuring and optimising quality aspects in convergent networks.

The basis for this is the growing NGN benchmark database with key quality data of the leading DSL, Fiber Optics, cable, wireless and VoIP providers. With the results provided for independent use, we enable our customers to improve their products and services sustainably in the long-term. This produces increased customer satisfaction which in turn leads to a sustainable increase in company value.

Focus on the customer perspective

The recording of service quality has to reflect the perspective of the customer as authentically as possible so as to guarantee customer satisfaction. Customers perceive the quality of a service as a whole. Network-internal, technological aspects receive less attention here. Whether traditionally via mediated networks or packet-oriented networks, whether analogue, digital or mobile connection technologies: the customer compares quality and price.

Alongside the technological development, the complexity of networks also increases due to the rising number of ports. In such a configuration, the end-to-end quality experienced by the customer is no longer the sole responsibility of a single operator, but reflects the overall performance of all the network operators involved.

Realistic simulation

To be able to perform a realistic simulation of the customer, a realistic mix of the individual services with the corresponding application protocols is required, along with the simulation of a typical user profile, including the necessary authentication which a user passes through before the network provides a desired service.

Time to Market

New services need to be introduced to the market very quickly at the lowest possible cost and in the quality expected by the end customers. Permanent monitoring of the key functions and quality parameters is necessary in order to take immediate steps in case of malfunctions. The human and financial cost of the monitoring has to be kept to a minimum.

Benchmark data

  • Realistic simulation
  • All leading DSL, Fiber Optics, cable, wireless and VoIP providers in test
  • On-going benchmark 23/7/365
  • Nearly 180 million test connections per year, thereof
    • more than 9 million telephony connections
    • approximately 140 million data and internet connections
    • more than 30 million video connections
  • Analysis of over 110 quality characteristics


In the field of continuous benchmarking, zafaco GmbH underlines its technological capabilities and is continuing to expand its position as market leader. More information can be found in the various reports of connect, which we make available in the download section of our website.

Your advantages 

Benchmarking with zafaco – that means for you: 

  • Measurements focused on the consumers
  • An automated measurement procedure
  • Proactive monitoring through examination of critical KPIs
  • Determining the impact of network changes through ad hoc measurements
  • Monitoring of quality goals and quality agreements (SLA)
  • Testing of network elements under controlled conditions in a real environment
  • in accordance with German standards (DIN)
  • ... and international standards (Broadband Forum, ETSI, ITU and IETF)
  • by an independent and neutral body



The multi-play and benchmarking platform is composed of measuring systems spread across 75 cities in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The set-up also covers several central server systems, including a business intelligence platform, a data warehouse and the management system including a system for evaluating the video, audio and voice quality.

kyago platform at zafaco systems

The zafaco benchmarking uses kyago – the award-winning solution for securing and optimising quality aspects in convergent networks. You’ll find more information about the product kyago on the zafaco Systems Homepage.

With conceptual support from TÜV Rheinland AG.