zafaco and connect are already testing broadband fixed-network connections for the third time in Austria. Let’s raise the curtain on this year’s “Festspiele”.

Tradition is highly valued in the Alpine region, and slowly but surely zafaco and connect can consider themselves a tradition here too.

We’ve been testing the broadband and fixed network providers in Austria for three years in a row now.

Like with our network tests in Germany, the continuous observation of network performance throughout the year by our network test partner zafaco showed that despite changes to the load profile caused by the effects of the corona crisis, the networks are functioning reliably and stably.

There can therefore be no doubt that the quality and load tests are legitimate despite special framework conditions.

Indeed – and so much can be revealed here – our measurements show that a whole load of providers in the Alpine republic have once again been able to make significant improvements over the previous year.

This means we can now raise the curtain on our in-depth analysis in connect issue 11/2021.