German Federal Network Agency publishes annual broadband test report

President Homann reflects on the results: “All in all, there were no improvements compared to the past years”

The German Federal Network Agency has published the detailed findings of their third broadband test today.

“The results of our third broadband test indicate that little has changed for this year as well. Regardless of broadband category or provider, customers are again not achieving the maximum speed promised by their provider. The results vary depending on broadband category and provider, but overall, they show that action is still required on the part of the broadband providers,” emphasises Jochen Homannpresident of the German Federal Network Agency.

The report covers the period between 01 October 2017 and 30 September 2018. Some 900,579 valid tests were carried out on stationary broadband lines and 384,999 on mobile broadband lines.

The complete report has been published on the website of the German Federal Network Agency at www.bundesnetzagentur.de/breitbandmessung. In addition to the test results themselves, the report also contains comprehensive information on the validation processes and methodology used.

 Compared to the previous yearly reports, there was a reduction of the amount of the displayed graphics in certain subchapters for upload, latency as well as representation of the providers. The reduction in the representation of the providers is due to another increase in the number of providers that were taken into consideration in the yearly report.

Further information and charts – especially on all providers – can be seen in the interactive presentation of results at https://breitbandmessung.de/interaktive-darstellung.