Federal Network Agency publishes map of mobile network monitoring

Today the Federal Network Agency is publishing a map of current mobile network coverage in Germany.

‘We are monitoring the development of mobile network coverage and will be publishing the data regularly in future,’ says Jochen Homann, president of the Federal Network Agency.

The map shows 96.5 percent of land area in Germany covered by 4G (LTE) from at least one mobile network operator. This increases to 97.3 percent if 3G coverage is also taken into account. There is no mobile network coverage in 0.3 percent of land area. The map is based on the coverage data from the mobile network operators.

Data source for consumers and experts
Data on network coverage should help in particular to identify uncovered areas (‘no network’) and poorly covered areas (‘no 4G’) in Germany.

In addition, consumers can check the coverage of each mobile network operator in their area before entering a contract.

The map of mobile network broadband measurements and dead zones is supplemented by relevant data from the Federal Network Agency.

Mobile network monitoring
In compliance with the requirements of the mobile network strategy, the Federal Network Agency is systematically monitoring the coverage of the mobile network providers. Mobile network operators are under obligation to provide up-to-date and location-based data on their mobile network coverage.

The Federal Network Agency compares this data with the results from users of the dead zone app and with data from the coverage and cost study of the Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). This study indicated 90 percent 4G land coverage in 2019.

Up to now, mobile network operators have only provided data on 2G, 3G and 4G network coverage. In future, it is planned that the mobile network monitoring will also include up-to-date data on 5G and dropped voice calls in Germany.

This data is regularly updated and published at www.breitband-monitor.de/mobilfunkmonitoring.