Federal Network Agency Launches Broadband Monitor

Today the Federal Network Agency launched its broadband monitor information portal. www.breitband-monitor.de contains an overview of currently available information relevant to the broadband measurement and the dead zone map. The portal also provides information about broadband market development and the Federal Network Agency’s infrastructure atlas.

"Broadband expansion is of vital importance. Now, the broadband monitor provides users with access to a website operated by the Federal Network Agency with topical information. More will be on offer in coming months," says Jochen Homann, president of the Federal Network Agency.


Information service for consumers and experts

The new portal allows consumers and experts to keep track of the information provided by the Federal Network Agency around the topic of broadband. Apart from the dead zone map, there are maps and reports about the broadband measurement for consumers.


Infrastructure atlas

One area of interest to experts is the information contained in the infrastructure atlas. The aim here is to identify opportunities for shared use in order to accelerate broadband expansion. For the first time, there are interactive maps with information concerning respective data suppliers and the length of the registered empty ducts and fibre optic lines down to district level. This helps users to make predictions about the future development of the infrastructures listed in the atlas. Following on from this, users may place a request to view existing geodata.


Above all, the broadband monitor provides an important information service to telecommunications companies as well as federal states, local government districts and local authorities about broadband expansion.

The broadband monitor information portal was designed and implemented by zafaco GmbH on behalf of the Federal Network Agency.