connect Broadband & Fixed Network Test 2021: Deutsche Telekom regains first place

Which fixed-network connection offers superb call quality, the most robust internet access and the best WebTV playback? The most important providers in Germany were subjected to comprehensive testing by connect and zafaco as part of their broadband and network test 2021.

The winner in the national category is Telekom, closely followed by 1&1, and somewhat behind them, O2/Telefónica. In the regional category, NetCologne took first place – with a tiny lead over M-net. Next came EWE. All three providers achieved a “very good” rating, while the greatly improved Pÿur/Tele Columbus was rated “good”. In total, connect was able to award the “very good” test rating five times.

Because Vodafone undertook various measures to prevent its involvement in the test, the Düsseldorf provider participated on a non-competitive basis in 2021. The test used previously acquired measurement values for this reason. Based on these results, it would have achieved fourth place among the national providers and a rating of “good”.

The connect trade journal and fixed network partner zafaco tested German fixed network package offerings for the twelfth time. More than one year after the start of the pandemic, there was no doubt: the networks are coping well with the loads caused by home working and home schooling. Quality and performance tests are therefore permissible. During Germany’s most extensive fixed network test, approximately 2.4 million telephony, data transmission, web services and web TV measurements were performed between mid-May and mid-June by automated test systems in 42 cities. Like every year, providers and customers alike are eagerly awaiting the evaluation of the test results.

You can find the complete test in connect issue 8/2021.