Broadband fixed-network providers in Austria included in the comparison test

zafaco and connect are carefully scrutinising fixed network connections in Austria for the second time. The analysis shows this is also permissible during the corona crisis.

After publication of the results of our eleventh acclaimed German broadband and fixed network test in connect 8/2020 and careful scrutiny of 4G-based fixed network alternatives in the previous issue, it’s now the turn of our neighbouring countries in the Alpine region: for the second time, we are testing the following fixed network providers in Austria.

In the next issue of connect we will also be taking a more detailed look at providers in Switzerland.

Results not directly comparable
Even though these tests provide an interesting insight into the fixed network markets in our neighbouring countries, it should be pointed out that the results cannot be compared on a like-for-like basis. This is because the methodology behind our ratings had to be adapted to conditions in the respective countries.

For example, voice telephony over fixed networks only plays a subordinate role in Austria. Mobile network tariffs in this country are cheaper than in Germany, with the consequence that nearly all calls are made using mobile phones in Austria. The focus of our measurements is therefore on data connections.

In addition, there are no public crowdsourcing data sources in Austria which are equivalent to the ones analysed as part of the test in Germany and hence this part of the test has been omitted this year.

zafaco is working hard on an alternative though. Until then, the point distributions will be different, also because of the country-specific thresholds.

Networks also resistant to corona
One obvious question applies to all the analysed countries though: is it permissible to test networks in times of corona with the increased home office, home schooling and streaming traffic? As zafaco has been monitoring the networks in all target countries throughout the year, we can give the all-clear here too:

Austrian networks are also coping well with the altered load, and providers are likewise doing an excellent job during the corona crisis.

This means we can now raise the curtain on our in-depth analysis in connect issue 11/2020.