A torrent of streams!

As suppliers of home cinema content, streaming services are clearly gaining ground. An incentive for video and our partner zafaco to examine the technical and content quality of offerings: who has the best movies and series, and who offers the best picture and sound?

German viewers only spend just under half their viewing time watching traditional linear television on TV. Paid streaming already accounts for 24 percent and free streaming for another 11 percent of viewing. And these figures, published in autumn 2019 by the consulting firm Roland Berger and the Technical University of Münster, describe the population average. In the 16-29 year old age group, streaming offerings already account for 60 percent of viewing time.

This trend has many consequences for the entertainment industry. For video, this means that the picture, sound and provisioning quality of streaming services plays an increasingly important role. That is why we joined forces with our long-standing partner for network testing and quality of service measurements, zafaco, to scrutinise the technical as well as content quality of offerings.

However, we are still unable to measure two important newcomers AppleTV+ and Disney+ using the current methodology. So once again we tested them on a non-competitive basis – but zafaco is working on a concept to include them in future tests.

You can find the full evaluation and all the test results in the current issue of video 07/2020.