A comparison test of Swiss broadband and fixed network packages! Switzerland’s fixed network has seen plenty of changes in the last twelve months.

All good things come in threes: following the close scrutiny of the broadband and fixed network package offerings in Germany for the twelfth time and examination of the fixed networks in Austria for the third time in 2021, it's now once again the turn of Switzerland, the third German-speaking country.

This is the second time we’re running our test in Switzerland. Our trusted fixed network test partner, zafaco, with headquarters in Ismaning, performed measurements in twelve Swiss cities.

As in the previous year, an important prerequisite was continuous observation of the tested connections throughout the year. It showed that in 2021 as well, Swiss fixed networks were still coping extremely well with the extra load caused by pandemic-related increases in home working, home schooling and streaming.

10 Gbps now available from no less than three Swiss providers

Indeed, in matters “fixed network”, Swiss providers are clearly showing the other two German-speaking countries where quality is top-notch: three of the four tested nationwide Swiss providers already have 10 Gigabit package deals in their portfolios in at least some regions - customers in Germany and Austria can only dream about this at the moment.

Hence a fair and meaningful performance rating of fixed network providers is possible in Switzerland. But why just four providers? Wasn’t there one more last year? Yes there was, but soon after we completed our test last year in November 2020, former competitors Sunrise and UPC merged with the parent company Liberty Global. Since spring 2021, they’ve been offering their Swiss customers new joint package deals. From this year on, we’re therefore conjointly evaluating them.

Now the introduction’s over, let’s raise the curtain on our in-depth analysis in connect issue 12/2021.