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It’s undoubtedly the relations built between people that give life its value.

Now in second year of the Corona pandemic, we are all still facing multifaceted challenges, both professionally and personally.

Which is why we appreciate more than ever the confidence you’ve placed in us and the loyalty you’ve shown, despite some things not working as they should have been.


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Telephone and internet: more rights for consumers.

President Homann reflects on the results: “More protection and transparency for consumers”

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A comparison test of Swiss broadband and fixed network packages! Switzerland’s fixed network has seen plenty of changes in the last twelve months.

Switzerland’s fixed network has seen plenty of changes in the last twelve months. This makes our test of which providers have climbed highest on the performance ladder all the more exciting.

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zafaco and connect are already testing broadband fixed-network connections for the third time in Austria. Let’s raise the curtain on this year’s “Festspiele”.

connect broadband and network test 2021: Magenta Telekom beat A1 Telekom and Telematica; Salzburg AG is the best regional provider.

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connect IPTV test 2021: the clear winner is Magenta TV

Which providers deliver the best TV entertainment per IPTV, even when the internet is being used for simultaneous data transmission and telephone calls? For their IPTV test 2021, connect and zafaco tested the most important German IPTV package offerings by comparing them with one another.

In the na...

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Bundesnetzagentur's broadband speed checker now linked directly with DE-CIX internet exchange

Jochen Homann: "Broadband speed checker now even easier to access"

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connect Broadband & Fixed Network Test 2021: Deutsche Telekom regains first place

Which fixed-network connection offers superb call quality, the most robust internet access and the best WebTV playback? The most important providers in Germany were subjected to comprehensive testing by connect and zafaco as part of their broadband and network test 2021.

The winner in the national...

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German Federal Network Agency publishes annual broadband test report 2019/2020

President Homann: “Improvement over previous years”

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Mobile communications in the German Bight

The German Bight is an important traffic route for German trade and business and is one of the most frequented sea routes in Europe.

To ensure demands are met in the future as well, mobile communications coverage, particularly by mobile broadband, is relevant to all parties, regardless of whether...

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Updated desktop app released: Individual measurements of gigabit connections now possible

An updated version of the desktop app, which is part of the broadband measurement, was released today. The <link...

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