Federal Network Agency starts broadband measurement!

The Federal Network Agency started its broadband measurement in September 2015. End customers can quickly and easily measure the speed of their Internet access and thus determine the performance of their fixed and/or mobile broadband connections. 

Fixed and mobile connections

A test can be carried out free of charge for fixed connections at breitbandmessung.de. For mobile connections, measurement is possible with the free broadband measurement app. The app can be downloaded for Android in the Google Store and for iOS in the Apple Store.

Carry out your broadband measurement now: breitbandmessung.de

The app can be downloaded for Android in the Google Store and for iOS in the Apple Store heruntergeladen werden.


Comparison with the contractually agreed data transmission rate  

With the broadband measurement, end customers have the opportunity to independently test the performance of their broadband Internet access. The broadband measurement makes it possible to compare the actual data transmission rate of the respective broadband access with the contractually agreed data transmission rate. A measurement can be carried out in a way that is independent of provider and technology.



Measurement results

The individual measurement results can be electronically stored. End customers thus have the opportunity to carry out various measurements and compare them.

The map function of the broadband measurement shows the data transmission rates measured for individual providers and the percentage ratio of the data transmission rate measured to the contractually agreed maximum.


The broadband measurement was developed by zafaco GmbH on behalf of the Federal Network Agency. 

The measurement is based on the transparency requirements of the Telecommunication Act (§§ 43a, 45n). End customers are to be provided with a simple way of comparing the scope and quality of telecommunication services. The legal provisions therefore designate, among other things, that the Federal Network Agency can carry out its own measurements or develop aids with which the end customers are able to carry out their own measurements.

Customer experience with highspeed internet

Customer experience with highspeed LTE

Network quality initiative

The Federal Network Agency already carried out nationwide measurement campaigns through the network quality initiative in 2012 and 2013, which enabled the Internet users to measure the data transmission rate of their Internet access service.  

The setup, operation and evaluation of the nationwide measurement campaign was carried out by zafaco GmbH. The network quality initiative has reached over 3 million different visitors since its inception in 2012.

The results of these measurements each flowed into a study on “service quality of broadband Internet access”. The studies are available on the Internet site of the Federal Network Agency under www.bundesnetzagentur.de/qualitaetsstudie.