DSL, cable and optical fibre providers in a comparison test

The test systems operated by Ismaning-based network test specialist zafaco worked tirelessly between mid-May and mid-June to set up thousands of test connections and performed almost 1.8 million measurements. zafaco and connect put in this hard work to provide meaningful answers to the question of who provides the best voice and data services, and thus the best networks.


Test methodology enhanced in many respects
To allow for technical developments and take even better account of market factors, we continuously develop our methodology. For example, many network-internal test calls were set up in the All-IP networks in the far higher-quality HD-Voice mode. However, we also increased the thresholds for voice quality accordingly.

However, the most important innovation in the 2017 network test is that we are now measuring and evaluating our candidates’ test connections in three different bandwidth classes. The report explains in detail why we are doing this, and how we go about it.

Allow us to just say one thing on a matter important to us: independently of the measured values for this test, we are also currently determining whether German internet connections are fast enough to stream 4K (Ultra-HD) content. Anyone who takes part at www.connect.de/4k-test​can find out whether their connection is suitable for this application – and will help us collect meaningful measured data on this issue.​


Results well regarded in the industry
But let’s get back to our fixed-network test. Every year, network operators also eagerly await the results – proof that our well-founded and critical methodology is very well regarded in the industry.

And this year again, there are a number of surprises (not just in the top positions) but also interesting detailed findings.

You can read the complete test in the connect issue 8/2017.