Check today whether your internet connection is fit for the digital video products of tomorrow.

Excellent picture quality does not only depend on the television, screen, or projector: The broadband network is the basis for streaming 4K videos in UHD. The 4K ready test shows you whether your broadband connection provides the required streaming quality. To do this you do not even need a 4K monitor, or a particularly powerful graphic card. The test works on desktop computers and with all conventional currently available browsers. 

4K is a mega trend in the world of digital entertainment – TV sets and also computer screens with 3840 x 2160 pixels, thus with four times the resolution of full HD models, are getting better and better, and at the same time cheaper in price. But where is the content for the new ‘ultra HD’ coming from? The answer is more and more frequently: by streaming. 

However, 4K or UHD video streaming does place high demands on the band width of your internet connection. For this reason connect and the network test specialist zafaco are already providing the possibility of checking whether your net connection provides the performance required for 4K streaming. By the way, to carry out our 4K ready test you not need a 4K capable monitor or an above average graphic card.

The test runs on Windows computers and Macs with all conventional browsers. The result shows which maximum video resolution is stably supported by your internet connection while streaming. In addition, connect and zafaco will be publishing the results of the countrywide 4K ready tests on a regular basis.