Broadband test launched for federal states and local authorities

kyago initiative – the broadband test for federal states and local authorities

The initiative aims to get as many households as possible in each of the network expansion areas to find out exactly how much bandwidth is available. This helps the local authorities and federal states to monitor the build-out of the broadband network.

The kyago broadband test and companion app is an initiative by zafaco GmbH and is supported by participating local authorities and states across Germany. The daily newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung is the exclusive media partner.

With software developed in Germany and a national data referencing system, kyago meets the requirements set by the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC).

A multi-level validation process regularly verifies the reported measurement data and end customer information (quality assurance measures).


Active citizen participation
Our kyago broadband test results help federal states and local authorities bring clarity to the expansion of the broadband development plan. This is the only way for federal states and local authorities to create transparency and sustainably ensure that all citizens are able to use the developed high-speed internet.

Directly after measurement, local residents can access their personal results and the information derived from them. An in-depth analysis of the overall results is given to the supporting local authority or federal state. Access to the kyago broadband test is free and without advertising. 

The measurement results can be stored electronically. The public can thus carry out different measurements and then compare the results with each other.

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